Example Browserscope User Test

This page showcases the features of Browserscope's User Test feature. If you write tests for browsers, this should give you an idea of how easy it is to beacon your results to Browserscope and display the results table on your test page. For more details, refer to our HOWTO page.

The UA detection message above was created by putting
<script src="http://www.browserscope.org/ua?o=js"></script> on this page.
The results table below was created by putting
<script src="http://www.browserscope.org/user/tests/table/KEY?o=js&v=3"></script>
on this page.
Note: "agt1YS1wcm9maWxlcnINCxIEVGVzdBiI59UBDA" is the test key for this test.
Your test keys are displayed on your settings page.

Beaconing data

Play with the key/value pairs above in _bTestResults, then
click the button below to initiate sending the data to Browserscope.
The button/checkbox combo above was created by putting
<script src="http://www.browserscope.org/user/tests/button?fn=_bRunTest&btn_text=Run%20the%20test">
on this page.
If you view source on this page, you'll see a _bRunTest function as a callback.

Lastly, the _bTestBeacon function, which gets called by _bRunTest, looks like this:

// Beacon the results to Browserscope.
var _bTestBeacon = function() {
  var testKey = 'agt1YS1wcm9maWxlcnINCxIEVGVzdBiI59UBDA';
  var newScript = document.createElement('script'),
      firstScript = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
  newScript.src = 'http://www.browserscope.org/user/beacon/' + testKey;
  firstScript.parentNode.insertBefore(newScript, firstScript);